This portal eliminates all those paper forms that are needed for school enrollment. The parents and school personnel, who have used our program for many years, appreciate the quick updating of all information and required forms, as well as user friendly forms and data processing. This platform helps families save time and takes care of our environment by eliminating the need for paper forms.

Paperless forms

By completely replacing the need for paper forms, we have maked the process of creating, collecting and storing the information simple and efficient. Get great bonuses on the site with kelly calculator. Limited offer.

form builder

With our advanced form builder, school personnel can quickly and efficiently create forms with any complexity and validation needed. The best offer for gamblers spielautomaten online. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

access form anywhere

The School Parents Portal is available as Software, as a Service which delegates all the administrative work to our staff.

mobile friendly

We have designed this platform to be platform agnostic, so it can be accessed from any device connected to the internet from any location.

data portability

The data collected can be easily exported to PDF for further processing. With just one click you can export the whole family to a single portable document.

form statistics

Once the data is collected, you can easily review form statistics and build graphs and reports. Also, you can compare form results and see how the school progresses across the years of enrollment.




Up to 15 Enrolled Families

Up to 3 Forms

Daily Back-Ups

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Unlimited Enrolled Families

Unlimited Forms

Data Migration

Daily Back-Ups

Support Within 8 hours



Up to 50 Enrolled Families

Up to 15 Forms

Daily Back-Ups

Support Within 24 hours

What our customers say

Kristen Martin

School Principal at Montessori School of Central Vermont

Konstankino LLC has been an invaluable resource in the development an application of our online Parent Portal. Based on various interviews and review of paper forms needed for enrollment, Bogdan designed and developed a portal whereby all of our paper systems were eliminated. Parents of children who have attended our program for many years appreciate the ease of the system, as well as the efficiency and availability of information/required forms. Bogdan provided technical support during the initial launch, as well as welcoming any feedback or improvements that needed to be made after the portal was in use. Hurry to visit the free online slots and start winning, don’t miss your chance!

Erin Sperger

Managing Member of Legal Wellspring, PLLC in Seattle, WA

If you are looking for a company that displays integrity, professionalism, and delivers on time I highly recommend Konstankino.